Upcoming stories


Modern Magic: An ongoing series of short stories that form the first story arc in this urban fantasy setting. They are currently being published on  amazon,  smashwords, and most other mainstream eBook distributors. They will start becoming available on Patreon during February.  

Magic is alive and well throughout the world. It's always been there, and it still is; just waiting for those willing to see it. For most it is but a passing dream, too elusive to grasp, but for those who look closely it comes roaring into their lives with the strength of inevitable permanency.

            Long ago a mighty spell was cast. Merlin, the greatest magician to have yet lived, summoned forth a single drop of blood from each living human, and upon this ocean of blood he cast a potent curse with the greatest of intentions. His spell changed the nature of mankind's interaction with the arcane forever. With this curse he insulated the species against the very fabric of magic itself. Future generations became all but impervious, and oblivious, to the effects of magic.

            In time all that was magic became forgotten by the masses, and it had to be discovered anew by each magician as the generations rolled by. But once the magic was touched it shattered the protections upon that individual, and brought the pervasive realities of the unbelievable into stark view all around them. A new community of magicians, in all their varieties, began to form throughout this new world. They formed out of necessity for survival. With the entrance of magic into their lives, so too came the monsters.

            This is a series of short stories delving into the adventure and mystery of modern magic. Stories that take us from university teaching wizards with their logically precise incantations, into the art-fueled magics made by clerics of faithful dreaming, through the ranks of druids wielding the powers of life in environmentalist activism, past the potion brewing shamans with their storefronts of homeopathic medicines, and to the contraptions and creations of mechanically-minded enchanters. Trolls roam state parks, imps battle in the sewers, bodies claw their way out from cemeteries, and gods walk the streets.

            There's an entire world of magic out there. A dream just waiting for those who will look, and make it real again...

The Inn of Adventurers: This satirical fantasy setting, reminiscent of an evening of tabletop gaming gone wrong, has a novel in the works, but while that drags on I'm continuing to release short stories of the adventurers, the quests they take, the trouble they create, and the ill-advised ways that they make it through the day.

Further out

Inn of Adventurers, the novel: The tale grows longer in this book--the first novel length work in the series--as the adventurers begin to stumble upon the true threats arising in f Esgriloth. They lose the Inn, and must travel in search of it. This, they think, is their mission. What happens along the way proves to be of greater importance, though, and the adventurers make both friends and enemies as the truth slowly dawns on them about the dangers that they will soon face alongside all of Esgriloth.

Manny Lark V.2: Taking place almost completely within the Hub, Manny must deal with an unexpected a betrayal that puts him on the run along with Elvaera - the ruling leader of the elven faction there. Together with Telrio, Tinker, Bozz, and Greznik they have to overcome Koli's army of Kraeden before they can even hope of tackling there other problems. Much of the story is written (35k words, or so), but it's got a longer arc than I originally anticipated, and much of what I've written is going to undergo heavy revisions due to growth in writing skill. For those who have been wait: I'm sorry for the long wait, but I guarantee that it will result a sequel that will blow the prequel away. Conceptually I'm into the third installment; so don't worry - it really is coming.

Spell Wars V.2: Learn what became of Jerran in this longer sequel. Much of the mage world becomes revealed, as does his past...

Agent Hilch V.2: Hilch and Fleet have a falling out, whereby Hilch loses a car, and his clothes, but not his dignity. Fleet discovers a sense of foolish sentimentality within herself that she'd thought long since dead and withered. Can either one get past their differences enough to truly work with the other before it's too late?

Captain Plutane: Brilliant and young, Captain Plutane has a service record that is its own unique flower. There aren't any others quite like him, and most people are quite glad for that. He takes his starship, The Weathered Lion on a rescue evacuation mission. He arrives expecting only a little fun at pulling one over the enemy - who happens to have a capital ship parked off-planet, but what he finds is about to redefine his federation career yet again.

Seven Champions: A swords and sorcery fantasy to begin with, but quickly and consistently changing in narrative style with scene transitions while highlighting the end of a multi-millennial long duty as performed by the last of the seven champions. What once was sealed has broken free, and once again the forces of Human and Fey will have to band together if their world is to survive.

Fallen Knights: An epic telling of the legendary Knights of ______ through the modern lives of those few fallen members that have survived down the centuries. Action packed, but thoughtful narrative keeps this story moving without making it shallow.


Even further out 

The Enchanters: Planned as a three book telling in the style of epic fantasy. Long ago there was only one life-form on this planet, though it was of many minds and abilities. A catastrophe occurred, and this being was forced to divide itself many times over in order to survive at all. Centuries later humans rule the planet in a condensed cluster of warring countries - pitting each one's specialized magic against that of the others. Those that were meant to safeguard the future have fallen prey to time, greed, and avarice. Now the purpose of the species has lost its guidance, and it's become a matter of human agency what will happen.

A World of Magic: In a world were every bit of the planet is imbued with magic, and humans can tap this magic for use things should be simple. When it's learned that they are draining the very life from the planet, leaving patches of lifeless, magicless earth behind, something has to be done. The great war is the result. Direct siphoning of magic is made taboo, and those that nearly destroyed the planet are driving into the shadows. Or so it was thought. Centuries later a problem thought dealt with reemerges to once again threaten the balance of life.

Tales of Nestarion: A society of wizards flees there home world on the eve of it's destruction from global arcane warfare to arrive on a safe foreign planet suitable to their needs. Over the years they manage to dominate, and/or subjugate the vast majority of the populations near the landmass that they claim as their new home. Now things have mostly stabilized, one of their two old foes has become a protectorate of theirs, and though the other is locked in a cold war with them - it hasn't been actively aggressive in generations.