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The Story So Far: These are the stories that I currently have published, and available. If you're here looking for completed works to read, then that's the place to go. If you're more curious about what I have in the works, and what I have planned for the future, then read on.

Ongoing Projects: This is a fairly complete compilation of what I'm working on currently, what I'm hoping to work on, and half-baked ideas fighting to achieve conceptualization.  

Short Fiction and Opining: I try to keep my rantings in tandem with the theme of writing, but a lot of my inspiration comes from pursuing broad and abstract avenues of thoughts; you might see that reflected in my posts.

Business Queries: If you're looking for a writer of short fiction, SEO articles, or other content work just send me an email from the linked contact page, and I will get back to you promptly. Thank you, and happy reading.