Post-Publication Mind Mush

Every time I publish something beyond the length of flash fiction (usually mid-length novelettes) I find myself hyped up on the excitement of completion, and having to channel that energy into productive promotions. Easier said than done; people just don't want to be bombarded by essay length posts that have more to do with sharing your own excitement than with carefully crafted promotional material. That's all well, and good—curbing that energy makes it more likely that I'll get a full night's sleep. The hard part, for me, is the sudden opening that happens once that energy, and the promotional window both dwindle.

     I have about fourteen WIP stories (ranging from just started, to about halfway done) to pick through, and finish, but deciding which one to tackle next can be remarkably difficult, and I inevitably have to make up that burst of energy that publication time takes out of me. My brain starts telling me that I haven't written in forever, and staunchly ignores the fact that I've been doing nothing else. It feels like a new conundrum each and every time. I'm learning though. I'm learning that when we set the bar so high, there are always going to be times when our mind and bodies say STOP, and force us to take a break. And let's face it, we are human. Our minds are housed by incredible vehicles of physiology, and those vehicles require both fuel and maintenance if they are to continue functioning.

     I published my most recent story three days ago, promoted it all weekend, had my mother's birthday, father's day, and a very good friend's birthday to celebrate. It was a busy weekend. And this is me taking a break. I've spent the day perusing my WIP stories, glancing through papers and notes scattered around my office, and generally been letting my mind take its own time to figure out what it wants to accomplish next. There will always be more projects than time, and it's important to find that balance between what we need to do, and what we want to do. If we're both lucky, and worked pretty hard at it, then there is going to be a decent amount of overlap between the two. Without that overlap the whole process becomes so much more difficult. So, this is me taking a break, organizing my mind, and looking for that overlap.