The present will always be more important than the past.

Changing the names on a building, removing statues from public grounds; these things don't delete history. Modern societies have more historical artifacts by far in museums than on the street.


The world changes faster than any given generation of humans, and we always have a hard time with that. History is overflowing with examples of this. What's happening now is not a changing of history but a reckoning with it.


People don't want their identities entangled with that of a failed rebellion that was based on greed and inhumanity. They want to redeem themselves from the history of abhorrent actions committed by our ancestors. This isn't a rewriting, or, changing of history. This is the painful process of healing an infected wound. That wound is our cultural identity, and the infection is white supremacy.


White Americans (retro-active label) slaughtered an indigenous population for the land we call home. We committed the greatest act of genocide that I know of, and it was for property theft. We replaced their world with our own through blood and violence.


This, like the ideologies of the confederacy, is an element of history to be studied and learned from, not something to inspire pride. It should also be a strong indicator to those feeling sympathetic to white supremacist rhetoric that their views are ones of hypocrisy that ignore their own history of violent imposition and theft.