I get it, now get over it

I remember being twenty and thinking the equality movements were eroding my social status. I remember being confused and angry and wanting an easy target to blame. I remember struggling with the intense difficulty of recognizing and studying my inner self, trying to determine who my enemy was. And I remember figuring it out.

My enemy was myself and my forbearers that had set me up to have a position of disproportionate privilege at the expense of others. My enemy was a society that raised me to believe that I had an objective right to the privileges that a subjective series of social actors and social constructs granted me at birth. A society that taught me through demonstration that I had an obligation and responsibility to hoard the agency of others as my own, and to do so for their supposed well-being. A society that taught through display that white, tough men are the only ones who can be trusted with power. Realization was not, at first, a relief.

Instead of feeling the burden of a societal bred Jesus-complex slide away, leaving me free to be an honest human, I felt disenfranchised and angry. I felt lessened, because that's what our society teaches its young white males. It took time and effort to get past the toxic socialization and begin to resemble something that might be a decent human.

So, if you're an angry white man who feels some of these things, don't point that anger at the centuries worth of victims that we've wracked up, nor at their descendants which we've kept as vulnerable and exploitable targets; instead, point that anger at yourself and the people who made you this way. If you want to do something about it, then learn who you would be without the fear, hatred, and anger that guides your actions. If you can figure that out and act upon it, then you will be resolving your own unhappiness and disrupting the elements of society that truly causes all of this in the first place.