Flash Fiction Tuesday

Jack cursed as bullets flew over his head and slapped into the concrete pillar behind him. He was crouched behind a car in the southern edge of a covered parking lot. On the other side of the car from him, and about forty feet away, were two casually dressed women firing 9mm handguns at him. He didn’t know who they were, or why they were after him. It wasn’t often that people came after him with guns; magic and claws were the norm.

   Taking a deep breath, Jack focused his mind and pulled power into his body. The magic was a warm glow throughout his body; easy physical pain, and mental worry alike. After a few seconds, the sorcerer was ready. He placed both palms on the car, and let the magic flow out of him, giving it shape and purpose as it poured from his palms.

   The car groaned faintly, and it rocked slightly towards the gun-toting women. Four more bullets came flying, and slammed into the car; punching holes in metal and shattering glass. There was a deep BOOM, and then the car shot towards the women at near the speed of sound. They disappeared behind the sedan as it slammed into, and through, more parked vehicles. It moved across the lot like a snowball rolling downhill; gathering more and more damaged automobiles until it was eventually dragged to a halt by all the impacts.

   Jack let out a shuddering breath and tried to get his shaking limbs under control. Channeling that much energy took a toll on a person, but he’d seen a little of what those women could take and he wasn’t taking any chances. He didn’t know who they were, but he knew they weren’t just ordinary mortals looking put holes in him. They reeked of magic, and Jack suspected that the guns they wielded weren’t all mundane either.

   Once his limbs stopped trembling enough, Jack climbed to his feet and took off at a staggering run towards the parking lot exit. A small metal door was set in the far wall that would give him access to the stairs, then he just had to make it a few flights down and he’d be in the clear.