A white man's plea to white America

Stop the Racist Violence:


From fear and hate are actions fueled

That snuff out lives in biased justice's guise

Acts of murder poorly wrapped and denied

 With a transparent cloak of arrogance and lies


A cold war in our streets, but only on one side

For the one has guns, badges, and permission

While the other holds rallies for those that died

As undeserving victims of unlawful perdition


Our country is flooded

With grieving and seething

And fearful reactions to rightful outrage exposed

This problem won't die with the people we're killing


But grow like fire from the kindle of their deaths

immediate change is in desperate demand

For many can see what a steady course bequeaths

A heightening cycle of fright and death set to expand


Our specie's future is determined today

Where a system of racism fractures society

During times that call for unity without delay

Nothing is more dangerous than human bonds held proprietary


So come together

Speak out and hold hands

Take a leap for something better

Until this violence no longer stands


Some might think to contrive

Love and acceptance as cliché

But this is a privilege of those who don't fear for their lives

Each and every day