Inn of Adventurers V.2, an excerpt

   The party followed the stalwart dwarf down the tunnel, Tarly’s spell globe lighting their way. Moss grew on the moist walls, and the deep smell of earth was all around them. Randell led with an air of unwavering confidence. He might have been magically transported into an unfamiliar spider-infested cave, and promptly poisoned. But he was still in a cave, and caves were his territory. They were his birthright as a dwarf. Much like ale.

   As they approached a split in the tunnel Randell slowed the group to a halt, giving both options lengthy consideration. Kneeling, he wiped a finger along the floor of dirty rock, and plopped it into his mouth - tasting the nature of the cave.

   Standing swiftly, the dwarf began backpedaling. It quickly turned into a full on retreat.

   “Run! There're too many!”

   Tarly and drudge exchanged a confused glance. A moment later though, they could hear it; an oncoming storm of chittering and rustling. They turned to run as countless spiders swarmed into sight, blocking out both forks of the tunnel. The two longer limbed adventures caught up with Randell, and had to shorten their stride not to leave the dwarf behind.