Joshua Cox-Steib and his wife live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, along with a small army of pets, and a forest of books. You'll see photos of the critters plastered around on this site. Sadly, this page seemed to require a picture of the author in question, instead, for which you have my sincerest apologies.

Cox-Steib is an avid reader, and has been ever since he fell into it by an oddity of fate in the sixth grade. One of his best friends wouldn't stop talking to him about some fantasy books that he had been reading. Eventually, Cox-Steib borrowed the first book in an attempt to put an end to these conversations; hoping to use the taboo of spoilers to create a reprieve. he ended up reading the book almost by accident, and soon after he couldn't stop reading, and still can't. 

   Writing speculative fiction is a driving passion for Cox-Steib. He's been reading fiction at a voracious rate since middle school, and has played with world-building for as long as he can remember. Although, he didn't enter into the realm of authorship until his late twenties, after obtaining a bachelors in Sociology from the University of Tulsa and spending a few years working in the world of behavioral health.

   Now, he spends his days writing. Besides his family, it's what he loves most, and takes just about every opportunity to pursue this love. Every new story is another step forward in an endless exploration of the fantastic, as well as being a challenging new experiment within the craft of writing. Cox-Steib writes speculative fiction, but within this rather nebulous field he likes to play around with different styles and ideas -- always looking to try out a new technique, design a different culture, etc. He's quite a meddler, and it shows. The people close to him seem generally pleased that much of this meddling has shifted into fictional worlds. He claims this doesn't boher him, as his imaginary friends are people too.